Technical diagnostics - the base of predictive maintenance.
Vibrodiagnostics helps in detecting the real source of premature bearings failure and extends their lifetime. Regular diagnostic measurement helps to monitor the condition of your machinery therefore we can inform you about all faults in advance in order to be able to eliminate them in a moment when it is the most advantageous for running.     
Your machinery is safe with us !
We execute data collection with walkthrough method without disturbing the operation. It is not necessary to stop the machinery or whatever to disassemble and you get information about the condition of your machinery while being in operation. 


We provide vibrodiagnostic measurements:

Single application – measurement in order to detect the source of an excessive vibration and noise, repeated premature bearings failure, as well as to detect the cause of reduced quality of manufactured products, vibration transmission on buildings and ambient surroundings and detection of other failures unidentified by maintainers. 

Regular – the best results can be achieved by regular measurements since besides immediate data the previous values are also at our disposal and we are able to compare them with actual data as well as to set up the trend of failure development.  The measurements are carried out in regular intervals and if we observe increasing values at some measuring points we will immediately inform you about the forthcoming failure so you can promptly react and avoid unexpected serious failures as well as to save considerably part of repair costs and avoid damages caused by unexpected production breakdown.       

At each measuring point we register vibrational spectra in speed and acceleration units. The result of measurements is noted down in a measurement protocol, which contains the classification of the machinery according to STN ISO 10 816, evaluation of the situation with frequency analysis and description of the failure with concrete instructions how to solve the problem. If it is needed and required, we carry out further special measurements like the Bump Test, measurement at run up/run down, time flow, measurement in actual time, measurement of vibration patterns

The method of vibrodiagnostic monitoring enables us to detect the following failures: 
  • Bearings failure
  • Bearing looseness
  • Plain bearings failures
  • Misaligned shafts – couplings 
  • Unbalance
  • Belt gear failures
  • Bend shaft
  • Eccentric rotor
  • Mechanical looseness 
  • Gearbox and gearing failures
  • Resonance (vibration) problems
  • Construction failures – cracks, fractures
  • Other…


Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.