Thermovision of buildings

Thermovision camera helps us to detect thermal insulation failures of family houses, commercial offices, production halls and other objects. We find the location of heat leakage and the sources of thermal loss. Thermovision measurement is usually performed either on old buildings before their reconstruction, insulation as a tool of decision making or new houses for the purpose of thermal insulation quality control. Our customers often order thermovision measurement for the purpose of detecting reasons of thermal uncomfortability of rooms, mould formation or high heating costs. Measurement should be executed in the winter during the heating season. The optimal temperature for thermovision is lower than 0 °C. The measurement is accomplished both outside and inside the building.
Request for thermovision of family houses and buildings and we precisely uncover localities of thermal loss !
We issue a measurement protocol, which contains a digital and thermovisual image with the identification of critical localities, chart with temperatures and brief failure description.  

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.