Eccentric rotor

We speak about eccentric rotor when rotation axis is disengaged towards the geometric axis of rotor, belt, bearing, gear-wheel, etc.
It generates higher vibration and more rapid bearing wear. It is a typical failure, which can be detected very hard by conventional methods of fault searching.
Offset axes seating rotor or pulley increases the vibration therefore without detailed analysis we can often make a mistake regarding unbalance. Eccentric rotor of asynchronous motor produces a rotating variable air gap between stator and rotor, which results in strong, pulsating vibration. Its detection requires detailed spectral analysis.  
Vibrodiagnostic measurement and spectral analysis help us to detect special machine failures. Ask for diagnostic measurement in order to detect special latent faults !

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.