Dynamic balancing

We perform dynamic balancing of rotors at the site during operation.  We do not dismount the rotor and do not demount the machine just partly remove the cover. It is a simple, fast and accurate method since we calibrate not only one component but the complete rotary system en bloc. Balancing is normally accomplished in two levels with a weight. At the end we execute vibordiagnostic measurement and issue a protocol about dynamic balancing and actual condition of the machinery as well.        
We normally accomplish dynamic balancing of rotating equipments like:
- impeller wheels of fans
- electric motors
- pulleys
- drums of different special equipments
- flywheels
- special lathe preparations
- pulverizer and granulator rotors
- different rotors
- all the rotating and accessible components 
Dynamic forces due to unbalance of rotors significantly decrease the life span of bearings, increase the noisiness and can have adverse environment reaction. Besides bearings wear out, long term effects of unbalance are repeated failures, cracked baseplates and damaged bases. Therefore, dynamic balancing of rotors, fans and all the rotating components is very important.     
Ask for monitoring of rotary equipments, dynamic balancing during operation at the site and we guarantee a stabilized, quite running, long operational life and trouble free operation !

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.