Mechanical looseness

Incorrect fixation of machines and their parts is a frequent fault, which is the source of noisiness and extensive vibration. It can be a primal failure, e.g. if the anchorage system is incorrectly dimensioned or it is the result of other failure, by which an extensive dynamic power is generated.   
Types of mechanical looseness:
- fixing bolts loose 
- cracked baseplate, mounting tray
- loose bearing in a housing or on a shaft  
- loose rotor on a shaft
- problems in roller or plain bearing
Vibrodiagnostic measurement provides reliable information about mechanical looseness. Ask for diagnostic measurement, decrease the noisiness and vibration upon the result of the measurement !

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.