Alignment setting

Misalignment of driving shaft and driven shaft generates dynamic forces, which considerably contributes to wear of bearings and shafts. It increases noisiness and the volume of vibration. The coupling tries to establish alignment, while
- axial force effects
- radial force effects  
are originated.
If an elastic coupling is used, the lifetime of coupling will be longer, but if it is incorrectly adjusted, bearings and shafts will continue to “suffer”.
The accurate alignment setting is done by a laser setting equipment with special pads (thickness: from 0,05 to 2,5mm). Pads are made of noncorrosive steel, the guaranteed manufacturing tolerance is 0,001 mm. Couplings are adjusted according to the generally true scheme – condition excellent or according to the customer’s request.
Setting accuracy misalignment
 Angle error (mm / 100 mm)
1000 – 2000
 Parallel error (mm)0,050,10
 Angle error (mm / 100 mm)
2000 – 3000
 Parallel error (mm)0,030,07
Before the setting we carry out the “Soft Foot” check and correction. Soft Foot is a common term used for machine frame distortion, which is caused by warping, rust or worn out.  The difference should be less than 0,05 mm. If “Soft Foot” is not eliminated we can not make accurate alignment setting, the stator could be warped and it leads to eccentric rotor.       
Each coupling, including the elastic coupling, requires accurate alignment setting. Ask for a qualitative and professional alignment setting and we guarantee reliable and quite operation!

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.