Leakage – water leak

It is sometimes really hard to identify the locality where the rainwater leaks into the building from (ceiling, roof, side walls). Most people become conscious of it only when they have accomplished different reconstructions, insulation treatment and the water still leaks in. Thermovision measurement helps us to detect the real source and the possible place of insulation failure, the locality where the water gets into the wall.

If you have problem with leakage ask for thermovision measurement in order to identify the locality of leakage!


Thermovision measurement should be accomplished from spring to autumn, not during the heating season, 1 or 2 days after a heavy rain. The wall does not have to be wet, the camera detects even the smallest temperature differences. We issue a measurement protocol, which contains a digital and thermovisual image with the identification of critical localities, chart with temperatures and brief description.

Latent faults detection is essential for ensuring failure-free run of the machinery

as well as for reliable operation of your equipment, moreover we save your maintenance costs.